Taking Junior on the Road

When Ken and I meet new people and tell them about the upcoming world tour, many people have the same two comments. “That’s amazing, I am so jealous,” is the first. Then a few sentences later, they get a serious look on their face, lower their voice and say, “You don’t have kids, do you?” My simple reply is, “No, we don’t have kids.” The person then breathes a sigh of relief, usually saying that this would be an impossible task with kids.

The more complicated response, that I would like to talk about, is “YES, YOU CAN TRAVEL THE WORLD WITH KIDS!” IF that is what you choose to do. Many people I run into think kids can only live one way: one home, nine months of school a year, lots of extra curricular activities, play dates with neighbors, etc, etc. Yet there are millions of ways to raise wholesome, happy and educated children. And traveling the world could be a great way to do just those things.

Please take an example from the Zapp family. They have been traveling the world for 11 years. Not only are they driving a 1928 car around the world, they also had 4 children in 4 different countries. Amazing! Here are some more details about how they are making it work.

While Ken and I are still staying by our decision not to have kids, if we ever change our mind, I’ll be using the Zapp family as my inspiration. Kids are amazing human beings who are very resilient and adaptable. Those who travel the world with them have unending patience and a grand sense of adventure.

What do you think?

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Testing the Laundry

We are traveling light on this trip, hoping to keep our bags at 35 pounds or less, so that means a only a few pieces of clothes in our wardrobe. This will require more laundry to be done on a regular basis…possibly daily! That means hand washing in hotel sinks or tubs or even in waterproof bags. It also means buying clothes in fabrics that dry quickly. No jeans on this trip!

So I did a test the other day. Bought some pricey soap from REI and went to work on some very sweaty clothes, thanks to my hiking the Ice Age trail.


$5.95 soap from REI and my skirt soaking in it.

I went to work hand washing the three items. I recalled images of women in India, slapping wet laundry onto rocks. Wanting to keep my kitchen dry, I simply squeezed the clothes with my hands. I also soaked my skirt for about 10 minutes as it was fairly dirty. I rinsed well and hung them to dry in the bathroom.

The drying long will they take!

So I waited to see how long everything took to dry. The 100% nylon shirt took about 6 hours. The 86% nylon & 14% spandex blend pants took about 8-10 hours. The skirt, 58% cotton, 38% rayon & the rest spandex, took about 24 hours. Hmmm, I may need to get a new skirt.

I was inspired by the tips in this traveler’s video. The bags and clothesline are being shipped as I type this.

Oh, I also tested the best underwear ever made. The ExOfficio brand and they dried in about 4 hours.

Just another exciting task to look forward to on the road!