We LOVE roller coasters! Remember our trip to Cedar Point? We are much less excited about the emotional ride we have been on since really getting ready for this trip. Our major emotional goal before we leave……to not have a panic attack! I must be concerned about this, as I dreamt I was having a panic attack last night. Oh, we knew this was going to happen. Yet it’s emotional when:

We have not sold our house yet.

We sell everything we own and a friend buys back their own wedding favor given to us 9 years ago.

We leave elderly relatives behind, uncertain if they will be around when we return.

We each have our own mini-medical issue to resolve before we leave. I have an irritated rotator cuff and Ken has a feisty nevus to be removed.

We are torn between the desire to spend time with friends and the need to get so many little tasks completed.

We have not booked our first hotel in Japan and only know a few Japanese words. It’s our first stop on the tour and we have done so little planning.

Like all good roller coasters, there are amazing highs with huge amounts of laughter. We have had wonderful support from family and friends. Our summer has been filled with fun and reconnections. We know that this dark tunnel of our ride will end soon. Then who knows what is around the next hairpin turn?