Faster than a speeding… train!

Cruising through Japan at top speed. [youtube_sc url=”″]

Cruising through Japan at top speed.

[youtube_sc url=”″]

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Thanks for the ride! The fastest I’ve ever been before is 140mph at Elkart lake track on the front straightaway In a Ferrari 360. Cool!

That beat’s my “outdoor record” set in a rental car on the Autobahn in Germany between the Frankfurt Airport and Strasbourg, France (on the German-French border), near the Alsace region. I think I only got up to about 160-165 kph (~100 mph). You win, Ken. (Domestic record still stands on River Road in the Town of Brookfield, circa 1988, in my dad’s Buick LeSabre.)

We may be in Germany next summer. Maybe I can beat your Autobahn record… the smackdown is ON. I don’t have much of a speed record in Brookfield- Lecher and I were too busy setting *spin* records, as in doing doughnuts on gravelly side roads.

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