Up close (very close) with a koala

October 19, 2011 | by Karen

We’re not big fans of zoos. You know: tiny cages housing animals who would rather be exploring in the wild. But we decided to give Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas, Australia a try. It’s a wildlife sanctuary, so they’ve taken in injured animals and nursed them to health. Plus, we figured this would be our one chance to actually hold a koala (Ken has a special connection to koalas, ever since creating his puppet character Pudding back in college).

And here we are with our new friend Grizzly…

He was a good sport to put up with us interrupting his daily routine (sleep, sleep, eat some leaves, sleep and sleep). We discovered that besides being lazy and sleepy, koalas are stinky.

I’m working on a post about the other critters we saw Down Under- stay tuned!