Turkey Day from far away

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I am loving the video updates. Enjoy your day and keep those updates coming.
We are heading into a relaxing Thanksgiving Day with friends (its 7am right now) with balmy high 50s weather!

Glad you like the vids Kathy. Did you get out of cooking for T-day? I managed a turkey roast, some potatoes and zucchini. Yum!

Went to a friend’s house so all I had to do was some appetizers. Miss the turkey leftovers, so I bought a bird to do later this week. Sounds like your having lots of fun and great experiences. I am so happy for the two of you. K.

Too bad you missed a great Thanksgiving dinner at the Schroeder household. Took two apple pies baked in a bag to the EMT’s that took my son to the hospital in Sept for their Thanksgiving dinner. They invited me in so we could share a piece while it was still warm. Nice fuzzy feelings for us all. I’m so thankful they were there for my son that day. Hope you had a nice day so far from home. Glad you’re still happy and smiling after spending so much time together.LOL

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