It’s back to work for your restroom reporter, your comode correspondent, your porcelain pressman….

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Now that we’ve covered toilets in the video, a side note about water. Karen and I have arrived at the “don’t drink the water” portion of our itinerary. Malaysia is pretty good about this- for example, using delivered ice in restaurants.

Happy to see this truck pull up

Gotta remember the rules: don’t run tap water over your toothbrush, don’t open your mouth during a shower, and definitely don’t refill that water bottle from the tap. And so, I have one word for you: plastics. Our only choice is to buy water in those wasteful plastic bottles- something we don’t do at home.

Whenever possible, we try to stop the madness: Karen boiled water in our Kuala Lumpur apartment, and our hosts in Penang had a water purifier. While preparing for the trip, we considered iodine tablets or a UV Steri-Pen but weren’t sure if they’d kill all the bugs we’re up against.

So, heading into Cambodia, we’ll be sticking with… plastics.