We came to Siem Reap for Angkor Wat. We stayed in Siem Reap for a break from traveling.

Spending an afternoon by the pool sounded like a good way to beat the heat. You can pay a few bucks to swim at a hotel pool, but we opted for a standalone pool/bar/restaurant run by an expat Australian.

Between swimming and lunching, Karen and I discussed the direction of Next Stop: World, now entering its sixth month. Long-term travel wears you down, and Karen in particular is feeling homesick. We talked about tweaking our itinerary, and we even floated (get it, floated?) the idea of coming home for a couple months after we visit China in May. That would give us a chance to recharge, catch our breath and research our European/Middle Eastern/Northern African destinations free of the day-to-day demands of travel.

We’ll see what happens. Throughout it all, we’ve tried to stay open with each other about what we each need to make this trip a pleasure rather than a chore. We haven’t always succeeded at it, but we’re trying!

Drinks by a pool sure help.