It’s funny how quickly I got used to the tangle of traffic in Cambodia (just keep walking/driving forward purposefully and you won’t get killed). But I never stopped marveling at the motorbikes.

At first, I raised an eyebrow when I saw two adults and a child crammed onto a moto, but that’s nothing. Traveling in Cambodian cities and on the dusty highways in between, I’ve seen 2 adults/2 kids, 2 adults/3 kids, and the pièce de résistance, 3 adults/2 kids (one child held aloft, since there wasn’t any room left on the seat). Most drivers wear helmets; passengers almost never do.

It turns out that just about anything can be transported on two wheels: CRT TVs, ladders, bicycles and most startlingly, live pigs in bamboo tubes and live birds hanging from their legs, their beaks inches from the ground as the moto speeds along.

Of course I have photos. These guys go by quickly, so forgive the varying quality of these photos and video screen grabs. What I managed to capture is just a fraction of what we saw.