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Public transportation in Pokhara, Nepal is quite a sight. [youtube_sc url=””]

Public transportation in Pokhara, Nepal is quite a sight.

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I was worried about the kid climing up the Goat bus would get caught in the wires across the street. Hope all goats and people we not harmed…

What brilliant work and so well and enjoyably written/spoken.
I am so impressed.
Anxious to hear about China – assuming you made it there before heading home (where I gather you now are).
What plans? We are beginning to think about next year in vague terms – China is the top choice at present. I would like to go to Burma but maybe it should settle a little first. Is China as messy as India? Not sure I have got over India yet (not to mention the Shigella infection I returned home with).
Love ‘Trisha

Hi Trisha!

Thanks for the note. Sorry to hear that India made you so sick. Hopefully you can eat all your favorite food now.

China posts are coming, although veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy slowly. We are home in Milwaukee right now, treating colds, visiting friends, plotting our next move. Ken is pretty busy doing things and is not sure how much of China he’ll blog about. So, here are some thoughts:

We hit mostly big cities. Our smallest was Pingyao at half a million people. We also visited Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi’an and Beijing. While there is crowding and air pollution, China is a breath of fresh air compared to India. Garbage that is swept up, traffic lights that are followed, domestic animals that are well cared, people who don’t need to give you the stink-eyed stare.

Surprising to us, little English is spoken, even at places that cater to tourists. Most tourists are Chinese and besides the big attractions, few Westerners were around. Some of the food is okay yet most of the mom & pop places serve bland, greasy stuff.

Overall we enjoyed China. I could see us going back again to visit the more rural, natural places on the Western edge.

Any Olympic action affecting your world?


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