A weekend in Colorado Springs. I’ve never thought much of the city and was frankly a bit spooked by the large military presence and the largest Christian right-wing group, Focus on the Family, having its own ZIP code there. Colorado Springs is a political hotbed this week, with the presidential debate occurring here in a few days. Almost 1500 political ads a week on TV. Thankfully, I put all that behind me and focused on the natural beauty the area has to offer.

Garden of the Gods is a series of beautiful red rock formations, open for free to the public. I even spotted some long-horned sheep there.

Having already done a 10 mile hike (with Rahim and Elizabeth) in Breckenridge, I decided to give my legs a rest when visiting Pikes Peak. I booked a seat on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway, the longest (8 miles) and highest elevation (14,200 feet) cog railway in the world. Skip the corny jokes from the conductor and it was a beautiful ride. Skip the 32 degree temps and snow pelts at the top and it was a beautiful view.

Keeping my focus on the west side of the city, I enjoyed Colorado Springs a lot.