After a holiday break, there are a few more sights from the American Southwest that we’d like to share with you. So flip the calendar back a couple months, and here we go…

Roadside horses

Driving in the American Southwest can be a treacherous business. Just as that road stretching to the horizon lulls you into complacency, some local wildlife decides to dart across the pavement. Subtract the sun for real fun: one night, we did a couple hours of driving in the dark, then swore, “Never again.”

Sheep crossing

Critters that we saw crossing the road:

– Coyote
– Horse
– Donkey
– Dog
– Sheep
– Steer
– Cow
– Elk
– Mule deer
– Chipmunk
– Squirrel
– A vole/mole/gopher kind of creature

Luckily, none of them became intimate with our minivan, and we all lived to careen across the countryside another day.

Staring down the deer