Now go home

Our trip is coming to an end, and our journey back to Wisconsin gave us the harsh message that winter is on its way. We left sunny Las Vegas on a comfortably warm morning, driving through Utah and ending in Grand Junction, Colorado. For every hour or so we drove, the temperature dropped. Eventually we came to a higher elevation mountain pass and hit a snowstorm. Our first storm in over 18 months. It was exciting, beautiful, and a bit scary, all at the same time.

Snowstorm rising

As we drove home, we reminisced about the past seven weeks, visiting our beloved national parks and seeing dear friends. The magic of the mountains and mystery of the red rocks lingering in our hearts. Grounding, peaceful, ancient, awe-inspiring. Plus Navajo Tacos in every restaurant. Milwaukee seems a little less inspiring than the Southwest. However, the constant movement made me itchy again for a home base, with a kitchen, ready for cooking. So we pressed on through Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa.

No Name

The impending winter sent us into a melancholy mood as it signaled the end of our long-term travel. Once back in Milwaukee, we will have to start thinking about what’s next. A dream we had been saving and planning for for over ten years is coming to a close. A dream that didn’t go quite as planned. A dream that forever changed the way we look at the world and ourselves.

While we may not be jet-setting right now, we have more to share from our travels. There’s always a Next Stop.

Stay tuned.