It’s October. It’s cold and rainy. And just look at this.

Tourist mob

The great thing about Prague is that when you find yourself fighting a mob of tourists, you can dart down an alley to the next street over… and there’s still plenty to see.

Here are some of my favorites sights that don’t make the guided tour.

This actually does make it into the guidebooks: the Cubist streetlight.

Cubist lamppost

Spotted from the heights of Prague Castle, what the heck is that? Some kind of fake rock wall?

Senate from on high

Hey, wouldn’t it be nutty if it was inside the country’s Senate building?

Yeah, it is.

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Castle Wallenstein does provide an impressive backdrop for Czech lawmaking.

Still, I’m convinced that you need a healthy sense of whimsy to work in this Senate building.

Public transit is one of the best things about Prague. You can ride a tram and/or subway for 30 minutes for 24 Kč (US$1.18) or 90 minutes for 32 Kč (US$1.58). In other words, it’s cheap enough to hop aboard on a whim. Sweet freedom for a traveler like me, intent on getting lost in this historic city.

Blue tram

Cheap rides mean that any part of the city is easily accessible. One day at dusk, I cruised south of the city center to the Vyšehrad, a historic enclave. Too late for tours or museums, I walked along the fortified walls, enjoyed the mild autumn temperatures, and sat on a park bench trying to figure out the self-timer feature on my new camera.

Walking back to the subway, I discovered this spectacular view…

Best apartment view

Which is the view from this apartment. If you ever move to Prague, rent this apartment…

Best apartment in Prague