Toilets: Belize Edition

April 27, 2014 | by Ken

We traveled to Belize just after the Winter Olympics in Russia. Do you remember the furor that erupted as journalists arrived in Sochi and found nothing but problems, like hotels that weren’t finished, water that wasn’t drinkable, and manholes that weren’t covered?

Many of those articles said something along the lines of, “But it gets even worse than that,” and then showed this tweet:

That was a real head-scratcher for me. Have any of these people ever traveled to Central America, South America, or Asia? Don’t they watch our toilet videos?!

I mean, really, stray dogs are reportedly being killed off, and you’re shocked to be asked to do something… very simple… that billions of people do every day?

OK, stepping off my soapbox now. Next Stop: World is pleased to present the toilets of Belize.