From August 2011 to June 2012, we traveled in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia (including Borneo), Cambodia, Thailand, India, Nepal, and China (including Hong Kong).

In the fall of 2012, we drove to the national parks (and other fun attractions) of the Southwestern USA.

In February 2013, we visited Bonaire in the Caribbean. Just before heading back to work, Ken made a solo trip to Costa Rica, with a side jaunt to Nicaragua in April. And it was Ken, alone again, in October, with trips to Germany and Czech Republic.

In 2014 we visited Belize in March. May it was Turkey where we fell in love with the people and the food! Then Ken found himself in Colombia for work and pleasure in November. Boy, it was hot and humid there!

Next it was Turks & Caicos, February 2015, to do a live aboard dive boat. AND a trip we had been talking about for years: CUBA in May, thick with beauty and history. Ken did another solo trip, back to eastern Europe, visiting Austria, Hungary and Slovakia in October. And while we do not usually talk about our US travels, we enjoyed the winter solstice and frigid temps in Fairbanks, Alaska.

2016 was a quiet year, with our first time to Italy, hitting Rome and points south in late May. Then Karen had a cooking job in the Bahamas, on Harbour Island, in November.

Coming soon……Dubai and Doha!

What’s next? Stay tuned for more Next Stops!

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