Toilets: Australia Edition

Allow me to be your eyes and ears (but not nose) in the field, as we explore Australian toilets. [youtube_sc url=””]

Allow me to be your eyes and ears (but not nose) in the field, as we explore Australian toilets.

[youtube_sc url=””]

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Thank yo guys for sharing those cool shell pics with the girls. They had a fun time looking through and picking their favorites. We also enjoyed the willy willy and your koala photos… Emily remembers Puddin’ and we are on a hunt for the photos we have of her with him! Glad you are enjoying yourselves- we are through you!

We’ve had two cameras along since Day 1. One of them is the waterproof Panasonic, which also functions as Karen’s camera when we split up. The Canon I have on the trip is giving me nothing but headaches, while the Panasonic is quietly and competently doing its job (including diving to 12 meters). Wonder if we’ll have two Panasonics by the time we’re done!

On out trip down the Rhine River we will try to be aware of the different “facilities” in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, and on our Viking river boat to see which are the best places to “go.” Keep tracking the “facilities” your find around the world. Funny item we hardly ever think about until the “need” arises.

You didn’t report on the direction of the swirl when you flush. Clockwise or counterclockwise? And do they flush up or down? LOL

No swirly toilet water here. The toilets are low flush and have very little water in them. When you hit the flush device, the water simply splashes up, down and out.

Honestly, I didn’t know I was going to be so fascinated by your toilet blogs, but there you go. Although I should have guessed, what with the name of your blog and all. Also, the Melbourne photos and information are outstanding! Thanks again for the peek into your interesting travels.

I was watching with interst at the begining to see if you were wearing anything at all. You scared me for a bit, Ken. On the other hand, being free is being free!

Miss you both! Love the Female Toilet!

Hey Karen, I was reading some of the older posts and want to know if you still have he same wardrobe and doing bathroom laundry on a daily basis. I can not travel to my basement without a change of clothes. As I start to think about Thanksgiving and have finished all my Karen food, I am glad you having such an amazing adventure but miss you.

Hey Paula,
Thanks for thinking of me. I may miss Thanksgiving food as well this year. Turkey is not common in New Zealand and it’s expensive. We both need a personal chef!

I do underwear wash in the sink every 1-2 days. Some other washing here and there and a load gets washed every 7-9 days. I do have a sweatshirt that is already getting nasty looking and thanks to some Halloween costume shopping, I have a pair of jeans and an organs fleece added to the mix. Once we leave chilly New Zealand and head to humid Malaysia, I’ll leave those behind.


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