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8 replies on “Maxibon!”

Ken Schellin – World traveler. Corporate shill.

I think you should demand some royalties from the Nestle Corporation for your multi-national (albeit unsolicited and unauthorized) promotion of the Maxibon / Tandem Bar. As a fellow slave to the sweet treat, I’m going to check out my local Pick ‘n Save the next time I’m out grocery shopping. Great post!

Maxibon sounds delightful! I’ll be trying one very soon. Have you tried the tim-tam? I used to get them from a place in WA that imported them from Australia – now they are available at picknsave as well.

Any reports on the beer down under?

Our main report on the beer is that we’re so tired by nightfall that we go to bed early! I’ll keep my eyes open for tim-tam… always interested in a new treat.

The beer down under was a bit of a disappointment. They drink a lot of light lagers. Yuck. I did find a brown ale that was okay. Seems there are more small breweries in NZ, so hopefully we will find a gem. Hard cider is popular down under, with some pubs having 2-3 varieties on tap.

If you do find a tim-tam, try this:
1.bite off diagonal corners
2.suck hot coffee through the tim-tam
3.just as the coffee hits your lips, throw the whole tim-tam in your mouth
4.enjoy the best chocolatey/coffee/cookie treat ever

Oh, you mean the Tim Tam Slam?

Ethan, a travel mate from the US, just told us about this. There is a grocery store right across the street. I’ll head over there when I am done on the internet.

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