They lurk on the fringes of the cyber world. Disembodied names, turning up again and again in the comments on our blog. They are… our groupies.

You see, our blog doesn’t just connect us with family and friends. Once news of our excursion appeared in Milwaukee’s newspaper, and later in regional Wisconsin papers, we started picking up followers we don’t know personally. Who is this mysterious Terri, expressing her enjoyment of my toilet videos? And what of the prolific Margaret, wondering how our stomachs are holding up?

Over time, it became clear that these two ladies are from the Milwaukee area. After a casual mention of La Fuente in one of our posts, Margaret offered to buy us a pitcher of margaritas when we got home, and it all came together: we would meet our two biggest virtual fans over a Mexican dinner.

Karen and I arrived at La Fuente a bit early. As we sat down to wait, we were surprised by a woman holding a printout of our blog graphics. Terri is a true fan indeed. Margaret and her husband Dick arrived moments later and made good on that promised pitcher of margaritas. ¡Que delicioso!

Happily, there were no Misery moments, just a free-wheeling conversation with some very interesting people. We’re even hoping to get together again before we continue our travels. After making so many friends around the world in the last year, why not a few from our hometown?

Terri's pic of our group

Who knows, they might even turn up in the comments on this very post…