Cave + Hotel = Cave Hotel

Aug 29, 2014 | by Ken

Göreme is full of intriguing geological formations and stone houses. We flew over them, we toured them… we slept in them.

We couldn’t resist the chance to stay at a cave hotel, and this one turned out to have an interesting history.

Despite a teeny, tiny mix-up at the end of our stay (in which our airport shuttle didn’t show up and one of the hotel staffers didn’t give a crap and passersby tried to help us but couldn’t and another more caring hotel staffer did help us and got us a cab and we were so late in leaving that the cabbie drove like a bat out of hell to the airport and thankfully drove safely enough that we didn’t die in a firey crash and got us to the airport just in time to go through no fewer than three security checks and step onto the plane moments before they closed the door), we enjoyed our time sleeping in a cave.