Next Stop: Mortgages & Matrimony

August 8, 2015 | by Ken

What?! Almost a year without a post on the blog? Have Karen and Ken stopped traveling, finally giving up their frivolous and unnecessarily-horizon-broadening pastime to settle down with a house, a station wagon, and 1.7 kids?

No way.

It was a close call, though. We did buy a house (a year ago today), and we do have a dog (Cosmo) who acts like a kid.

However, our travels have continued, and there are more posts to come.

Where’d we leave off? Turkey? Today is the perfect day to revive the blog, because we’ve got some good great fantastic news to share from Turkey. When we visited in May of 2014, Karen reconnected with her cousin Jamie, and we met his girlfriend Figen.

What changes a year can bring. Today is Jamie and Figen’s wedding day, and many family members traveled from Wisconsin to Istanbul for the ceremony, held mere hours ago. As I type this, I think the whole gang is on a chartered boat on the Bosphorus- how’s that for an exotic wedding reception?

We think Jamie made the right choice… of getting our blessing on his relationship in advance. At least that’s how we’ll tell the story. Congratulations, Figen and Jamie!

And to you, dear reader, thanks for hanging in there during our hiatus. More Next Stops coming soon!