Muppet Flashback

December 14, 2015 | by Ken

You know how Karen and I recently went on a Muppet pilgrimage, spending an entire day studying Muppets behind glass in a museum?

That wasn’t the first time.

Back in 2009, Karen and I went to the very same city (Atlanta), to the very same place (The Center for Puppetry Arts), for the very same reason. And whaddya know, my younger self captured plenty of material for a video, so here it is: A Tale of Muppets Past.

Many thanks to our tour guides and special guest stars, Amy and Jon. (They took these photos, too.)

How long ago was 2009? Well, this is the first photo I ever posted on Facebook.

Yeah, ancient history. And I haven’t even told you about our adventures in 2001 yet. Muppets forever!